How does it feel to work on AudioJungle and how not to get into the ban!

Relationship to AudioJungle

First of all, master the main rule - no one and nothing you should not. Oh, how many all kinds of complaints just did not appear on the thematic forums - and the timing of the test is long, and the re-source is not deserved, and why my masterpiece does not buy and much more ...

Understand that the Envato and AudioJungle platform, in particular, is, first and foremost, a business and a stranger's business. If desired, you can easily be asked to get off the train and nothing you do with it. But at the same time, if you are honest, conscientious, working to improve the quality of your works and an actively developing author - it is unlikely that something unpleasant can happen to you.

Ideally, you should not treat earnings on AudioJungle asto the main source of income. But at the same time, the income from it can block all the others you have, taken together. Consider it as a very large and enjoyable bonus, but always keep a few tricks in your pocket just in case.

The more sources of income you have, the better. And having achieved certain successes on AudioJungle, do not be lazy and try to search and find more. Expand and multiply the income from your musical creativity ...

As for AudioJungle, I propose to consider more ...

4 deadly sins when working on AudioJungle and generally on drains

Everyone knows about this, a self-respecting stocker, but from time to time some very prominent personalities get blocked accounts for such violations. Therefore, it will not be out of place to recall the most terrible sins on AudioJungle, for which you can shuffle the account from a long period of time to a lifetime. Just remember them and never do so.

Purchase licenses for your tracks, tracks of friends, etc.

Self-possession is perhaps the most terrible violation for which Envano (in all markets) gives the most severe punishment - blocking the account from a few months to a lifetime ban.


Yes, Envato has a lot of similar works, especially in popular genres and many authors, hoping for good sales often try to copy the sound of TOPIC compositions. It should always be remembered that one should not break the fine line between borrowing an idea and plagiarism.

Wrong work with references and, especially, impudent copying of other people's works (there were even cases when people filled in other people's materials) would result in a single result. A lamentable result.

Be careful and if you took someone's track for reference, remember that copying the structure of the track, the chord progression is not criminal (although it will still be worth it to take a different key and do not copy 1 to 1 structure).

But if you impudently copy someone else's track to the stage of mixing (harmony, melody, sound, structure), then be ready to say goodbye to your account!


This is basically a subset of the previous violation, but when you start copying your own tracks. For this, too, you can get a warning or get a limit on the filling of tracks. If you are doing a track on a template, be sure to try to change the structure, the melody (not a couple of notes, but thoroughly), the sound design elements, bpm and the overall picture, and preferably the mood of the track.

Designer tracks and the use of melodic loops

Build a track for 60-90% of the loops or KITs. I remember in the 2000s there was a series of Ejay or something like where the music was collected through loops, as from the designer - it was throwing bricks and op, the track is ready. So, forget about this approach.

Yes, now there are a lot of temptations, the samplers manufacturers often produce so-called KITs in different genres and a lot of loops, which you can take and just like in Ejay - throw in the sequencer these ready-made bricks and make a finished track in half an hour.

The matter is that such sets are intended more for training and other tasks, rather than for assembling and issuing such an assembly for its composition. Yes, and this approach to creating music for sinks is not welcome, not by the producers of such libraries, not by drains.

Plus, everything else, the melodic loops of various instruments from any manufacturer are usually read at times in your track. Well, when you were caught, you, I think you already know what it's all over.

Be individual and, if possible, even percussion loupes change beyond recognition.

And yes, one more thing - always read the license carefully before using this or that library of samples! There are libraries that allow you to create tracks and sell them in music stores, but at the same time prohibit the sale of such tracks on drains or in special libraries!

This probably all, if you can add something - write in the comments.

Understand important, there are quite a lot of authors working in this area, there is a lot of competition here, and even if you are reinsured and, it seems to you, you found something that is difficult to find or muddle what you think is a 100% working scheme - at least three people who will disclose your secret and one will necessarily report to support.

Ban get for life! Do not take risks, do not muddy turbid mutates and do not go gray and dark paths. Good luck to you and big sales!

Want to accelerate the conquest of earnings on music using AudioJungle? Come to us in training and get everything you need for an excellent start and development. The rate of 80-90% is relevant, until the heap in September we will have an additional meeting with the author and talk about the latest trends and changes in the stock.

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